Hanoi the capital of Vietnam, is the country’s second largest city, home to more 7.7 million inhabitants is located in the more temperate north of the country.


The city offers an enriching cultural experience due to its colonization and occupation by the Chinese and French who, both left their marks in the architecture and culture of the people.


With its amazing old quarter and traditional ways of life around every street corner, Hanoi is a great location for Amazing Chase team building events.



Introduction to Team Building in Hanoi

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The city’s influences and due to its history of invasions and occupations, firstly by the Chinese in 1408 who reigned for twenty years before being defeated by Le Loi in 1428. Renamed Hanoi by the infamous Vietnamese Ngugen dynasty in 1831, it regained when the French declared Hanoi the capital of French Indochina. It became the capital of North Vietnam during the Vietnamese war before regaining its status as capital of Vietnam after the communist north’s victory in 1976. The main attractions are located in the Hoan Kien District, the old Chinese quarter in the north and the French architecture in the south. Outside the old city Hanoi’s infrastructure is fast developing with new hotels and shopping malls whilst retaining its beauty and charm. For these reasons Hanoi is a popular destination choice for MICE groups and corporate incentive travel looking for an elegant and historic new destination to explore. Best time to travel Hanoi has a very tropical climate, with four main seasons throughout the year. The best time to travel for the weather is from the autumn of October with 80 degree temperatures to mid-December when the temperatures are a pleasant 60 to 70 degrees Fahrenheit, this is the ideal time for outdoor team building and city races. Temperatures do drop in the evenings and can be rather chilly at times. The winter months are a complete contrast from January to March, when a near constant mist is apparent called Mua Phun by the locals, it is much colder therefore, we recommend indoor team building and learning seminars. Spring is in March and April, the climate is cool to warm and is fine for outdoor team building before the monsoon season and the hottest months with heavy showers from May to September when the best hotel rates are available for corporate travel. Flight connections Noi Bai International Airport is 45 kilometers from downtown Hanoi. With the opening of a new modern International terminal in 2014 improving its corporate travel experience. The airport has excellent connections with major Asian cities with regular daily direct flights from Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok Kuala Lumpur, South Korea and China all offering a choice between quality airlines and budget carriers with reasonable flight times. Hong Kong Airlines, Dragon air, Vietnam airlines and Jetstar have seven daily flights to Hanoi with a flight time of 2 hours and five minutes, Tiger Air from Singapore offers low fares from $108 SGD one way and Air Asia from Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur has regular flights with cheap seats available for the more budget conscious groups. Thai Airways International fly twice a day from Bangkok and Malaysian Airlines from KL offer on board service and quality choices. Unique Features: Hanoi's unique features without a shadow of a doubt are contained within its history and architecture which has been perfectly preserved within its old quarter. With its narrow winding streets of elegant buildings dating back to pre-colonial times and cosmopolitan atmosphere, there is always something new just waiting to be discovered. The old quarter is perfect for a walk rally or our Hanoi Cultural discovery programs. The hustle and bustle of the old quarter shops and stalls offering local dishes and traditional handicrafts such as silks and embroidery items make it great place to experience every day culture and life for our market barter activity where teams need to purchase a list of culturally significant items and barter for the best prices and perhaps even cook local dishes to perfection! The city’s main attractions including Hoan kiem Lake, home to the sword legend and Ho Chi Minh’s mausoleum, where the leader of the revolution’s body is entombed are must see sights in this city of elegance. Hanoi is well known for its culinary delights and exotic cuisine, with many award winning restaurants serving local, Asian and French cuisine to choose from, Hanoi affords a real treat for Corporate team building. Suggested Team Building events: Hanoi is a perfect destination for a variety of city based team building events. Its historical buildings, unique culture and traditional everyday life are fantastic for our Amazing chase city race where teams aim to complete as many cultural challenges as possible and reach the finish line first. The architecture of the old quarter, the monuments and temples as well as the narrow winding streets are wonderful for our Hanoi City Cultural Discovery where teams unravel clues to find locations, explore these locations, find answers to questions and complete simple tasks. This program is possible as a walking scavenger hunt with navigating the streets an extra challenge for the teams. Hanoi is also suitable for indoor corporate training, learning seminars and indoor with fun team building programs, with an excellent selection of MICE hotels with an abundance of meeting facilities catering for all group sizes.

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