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Increasing accountability in the workplace through giving feed-back

A fun, engaging and interactive team building workshop to encourage Team Accountability and Giving Feed-back.


Feed-back and accountability are buzzwords who are often used in management or leadership literature. But what does it mean to develop a culture of giving feed-back? And how do we develop a team whose members hold each other accountable for high standards?


This full-day team building workshop is an introduction into Lencioni's principle of the five dysfunctions of a team, with the focus of accountability and feed-back.


The aim of the work-shop is to equip participants with the necessary skills to give and receive feed-back and to draw necessary conclusions from it.


Our experiential learning activities provide a save platform to practice their newly acquired skills.


During the workshop, delegates will have a fun, and enjoyable time while at the same time acquire skills and attitudes to transform their organization into a powerhouse of team spirit and accountability.

Increasing accountability in the workplace through giving feed-back

  • During the workshop, participants are...
    • inspired by fun, interactive and engaging team building activities,
    • learning about themselves and their peers,
    • holding each other accountable for high performance,
    • giving feed-back to each other after the exercises,
    • having fun and a good time.
    After the workshops, participants will be able to...
    • understand the connection between accountability and feed-back,
    • interpret the meaning of the feed-back loop,
    • compare and contrast formal and informal feed-back,
    • assess other's performance and draw conclusions,
    • apply accountability to their work environment, and as a consequence,
    • develop or establish a culture in which a happy and fulfilled workforce thrive.

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