An adult project particpant is holding a bottle of paint for a students to dip her brush during a CSR team building eventin Bangkok / Thailand

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Corporate social responsibility

In the new millennia, social entrepreneurs thrive; green is en vogue. Organizations of all genre run their business in sync with social and environmental standards. And it is particularly motivating and meaningful for all of us to contribute towards a low carbon society. Reduce waste, save energy and ensure the disadvantaged and underprivileged also benefit from our efforts to build a better world.

However, when organizing a CSR event, it is challenging to find the right partners, the right settings, the right environment and the right cause. A successful CSR project is when giver and receiver meet on eye-level, when both parties learn from each other, when the activity we engage in is meaningful and rewarding and when we can feel the warm-fuzzy feeling and the sparkle in the eyes of our participants. We believe that a CSR event must be carefully planned and our partners and institutions we work with must truly benefit from our efforts to change the world to be a better place. To avoid that environmental and social standards are only payed lip service to, but in contrast become deeply ingrained in our everyday behavior and believes, please visit the organizational change section of our website. Follow this link for more information about CSR Team Building activities in Bangkok or for CSR Team Building in Cambodia.

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FAQ corporate social responsibility

We are interested in a half-day CSR program, what activities do you recommend?

It depends which destination you choose, we have recently been developing more CSR projects around South-East Asia. If you stay in Bangkok, we would recommend the Shine with Line program (outdoor) or the Charity for parity (indoor). If you travel to Siem Reap / Cambodia, we work closely with Samrong School, which can be reached by bus in 45 minutes from Siem Reap.

What full-day CSR programs do you offer?

As a day trip away from Bangkok, we would recommend the School renovation project in Amphawa.

Do you offer CSR in any other destinations than Thailand and Cambodia?

We currently offer the Charity for Parity event in all destinations, further CSR projects are currently developed.

For your CSR events, do you work for-profit or non-profit?

We currently work for-profit for all CSR activites we organize for our clients. However, we ensure that a fair amount of contribution in form of cash donatoins or equipment is donated to the charity organization we work with. The ratio is transparent and stated in the proposal.

What does CSR stand for?

CSR is corporate social responsibility. It is a self-regulatory policy to ensure the business runs with high environmental, social and ethical priciples.

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