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Team building group is posing for a group picture during a Muay Thai Boxing challenge as part of an Amazing Race in Bangkok.

Welcome to Bangkok Amazing Race and Team Building Theme


In the Explorers product theme, you will find team building events consisting of both a sightseeing and relationship building element, which includes exploring the local culture and carrying out team activities and interactive challenges along the way.


Particularly competitive team building Explorers events are the Bangkok Amazing Race on Public Transportation, The Bangkok Tuk-tuk Amazing Race, The Chinatown Walking Discover, The Pratunam Walking Discovery and The Bangkok Klong Amazing Race.

So why should organizations engage their team in the Bangkok Amazing Race? What makes this event a particularly good team building exercise?

First, participants are broken up into teams, then given the challenge or mission to complete. Throughout their journey, teams discover the beauty of Bangkok, bustling markets, historic temples and compete in the most peculiar of cultural activities.


The journey to navigate through Bangkok on public transportation itself is an experience and requires navigation, communication and problem-solving skills.  


The objective is either to complete all challenges as quickly as possible and be the first team to return to the start / finish line, or to collect points along the way and be the team with the highest score at the end of the race.


For some Explorer Events, teams are provided with a mobile phone to communicate, to take pictures along the way a to solve video tasks. The video slideshow is will then be shown on large screen at the end of the event.


Bangkok Amazing Race team building activities are usually half-day events which start and finish in the meeting room; sometimes additional short activities such as icebreakers or cool-down activities are part of the agenda.


Various cultural activities, such as Muay Thai Boxing, Flower Garland Making or Papaya Salad Cooking make this team building event particularly meaningful.


Explorer Theme feature other team building events like the Angkor Wat Amazing Race, the PassApp Amazing Race, the Pattaya Amazing Race, the Hua Hin Amazing Race or the Khao Yai Amazing Race.

Follow this link for more information about Bangkok Amazing Race.

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