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Phuket team building group in front of Big Buddha

An outdoor team building event in Phuket


Welcome esteemed executives to the exhilarating world of the Phuket Amazing Race, an unparalleled adventure that seamlessly blends cultural exploration with strategic challenges, all set against the stunning backdrop of Thailand's tropical paradise.


Immerse yourself in an experience that transcends traditional team-building activities, fostering collaboration, communication, and camaraderie in the dynamic environment in Phuket.


The Amazing Race Phuket is not just an event; it's a journey that transcends conventional boundaries, inviting teams to embark on a thrilling expedition across the captivating landscapes of Phuket.


Designed for discerning professionals seeking an extraordinary blend of excitement and team-building, this race promises an unforgettable fusion of adrenaline-pumping challenges and awe-inspiring sights.


In this outdoor team building event in Phuket, teams, comprising six to eight individuals, navigate the enchanting island using the iconic Songtaew—a vibrant, open-air vehicle with benches in the back, perfect for fostering team unity.


The objective is clear: accumulate as many points as possible by solving riddles and clues and accomplishing photo, video, and market barter challenges.


The winning team, distinguished by their combined wit and creativity, will be rewarded with a prize, adding an extra layer of motivation to this competition.


As teams traverse the island, the Amazing Race Phuket presents a series of brain-teasing riddles and clues, pushing participants to engage their intellect in solving challenges.


Additionally, teams capture the magic of their journey through photo and video tasks, sharing their moments with us in real-time through their phones. The market barter challenges add an innovative twist, testing teams' negotiation skills as they interact with local vendors.


To enhance the collaboration before the race commences, we create a dedicated WhatsApp group with the team leader. This digital platform serves as a communication hub, fostering coordination and strategizing as teams prepare for the challenges that lie ahead.


In this outdoor team buidling event in Phuket, teams navigate around the island, must employ communication, problem-solving, and teamwork skills to overcome obstacles and emerge victorious in this thrilling race.


Phuket Amazing Race—an immersive adventure that transcends language barriers, offering a unique blend of team-building and cultural exploration.


Embark on this extraordinary team building event in Phuket and redefine your perception of corporate outings.

Amazing Race Phuket | Outdoor Team Building in Phuket

  • The objective is two-fold. Firstly, accummulating points and to be first and to win the Amazing Race.  Secondly, by solve riddles and clues, this team building event foster team unity, problem solving and creativity and strengthens bonds between co-workers. 

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