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CSR-Teambuilding-Aktivität zum Entwerfen einer Bibliothek

Participants create a new school library complete with books and educational materials


Designing a new library for an under privileged local school is a very rewarding and beneficial CSR team building activity.


Participants first create the library design and chose where to locate bookshelves, book cases, tables and chairs, then they select the categories of books and itemise them, before adding creativity and decoration to the facility with educational wall posters.


Finally they implement the librarian system and test it and prepare for the facility to be presented to the school.


Click following link for more information about CSR team building activities in Bangkok

CSR-Teambuilding-Aktivität zum Entwerfen einer Bibliothek

  • Diese Teambuilding-Aktivität eignet sich für Gruppen von 20 bis 60 Teilnehmern

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