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This exercise provides executive with valuable feed-back for improvement and personal development.


In the 360-degree leader exercise, the highest ranked executive starts first to be examined. The CEO must leave the room for 15 to 20 minutes, while the rest of the team brainstorms feed-back. In an executive team of 12 participants, it is best to form sub-groups of 3 to 4 people. 

Some rules of giving feed-back are presented prior to the start of the activity. For example, the feed-back must be constructive and not be personally insulting.

During the presentation phase, feed-back is given to the CEO and the feed-back receiver is encouraged to ask question, however, no adversarial debate, arguing, or defensive behavior is permitted.

After the feed-back session, the CEO may reveal which feed-back was most valuable, which area is difficult to improve, and which has not been expected (blind spots). At that point, the trainer introduces the Johari Window as part of this heuristic exercise.  

Before moving on down the hierarchy to the next executive, the CEO makes a commitment to take the feed-back at heart and to improve two areas of his personality.

It is of curtail importance that the executive has known each other for at least six months and that the exercise is supervised by a professional coach, trainer or psychologist. 

The 360-degree leader exercise is part of “The five dysfunctions of a team” executive outing and training program. 

This activity works best with small teams not exceeding 12 participants. For larger teams, it may not be possible to examine all team players during the same training session. Break out teams are not recommended.


  • Abhängig von der Anzahl der Schüler ist dies eine 90-minütige bis 180-minütige Übung, die durchschnittlich etwa zwei Stunden dauert.

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