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Team cohesiveness workshop

A team bonding and experiential learning workshop and introduction to the fundamentals of team work in organizations.


The team cohesiveness workshop is a fun, interactive and meaningful team building and bonding experience.


Participants will be introduced to the most fundamental components of team work, such as trust, understanding, creativity, problem solving, leadership and dealing with change.


Delegates will be split into teams of 6 to 10 and each team must accomplish a series of challenges.


Before each activity, the teams have time to strategize and plan.


During the activity, participants have fun, try to solve the most peculiar of problems, pull together and show team work and creativity to accomplish their tasks. 


During the debriefing, the Beunite facilitator ensures that the observations and insights from the games are put into the right context and that participants can apply the newly acquired skills in real life or work situations.

Team cohesiveness workshop

  • The Team Cohesiveness workshop is a full-day indoor and outdoor team building and bonding program.

    The agenda:

    • 08:30 - Ice breaker (Team dynamics)
    • 09:00 - Non-verbal communication (Line me up)
    • 09:20 - Building Trust (Fact or Fiction / Team awareness)
    • 10:15 - Coffee break
    • 10:30 - Communication (Blindfold puzzle)
    • 11:15 - Leadership (Shock the flock)
    • 11:45 - Debriefing
    • 12:00 - Lunch
    • 13:00 - Risk taking and team support (Minefield)
    • 14:00 - Creativity (Paper tower)
    • 15:00 - Coffee break
    • 15:15 - Problem solving and change (Tower of Hanoi)
    • 16:00 - Assertiveness and organizational change (If I had authority)
    • 16:45 - Debriefing.
    • 17:00 - End of workshop.

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