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Fact or Fiction
In the fact or fiction exercise is split into two parts.


Part I - Each participant must write down some statements on paper that are true, and others that are false.


Part II - The second part of this activity can be done in different ways:

A) In a non-competitive learning environment:
The first person stands up and reviles his or her statements and the other students in the room guess which is fact and which is fiction. The objective is to get to know each other.


B) As a team quiz with a winning team:
The first person in the first team reviles his or her statement and the other teams must guess, one team at a time. If the second team cannot figure out which statement is fiction, it’s the third teams turn, and so on until one team has done the correct guess and is awarded a point. The game continues with the next team to revile their statements, and other teams can guess, until all statements are reviled or until there is a clear winning team.

Fact or Fiction

  • The learning objective of this team building activity is….

    1. Getting to know each other better,
    2. Developing a sense of trust in the team, and
    3. Team bonding and developing a sense of togetherness.

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