Vietnam is fast becoming one of the most popular destinations for meetings, incentive, and corporate events in South East Asia. Since opening up to mass tourism, the country has attracted well known hotel chains establishing world class accommodation and conference facilitates throughout the country, perfect for your corporate incentive trip.


Vietnam covers 127,881 square miles, shares land borders with Cambodia, Laos and China as well as much of its culture. Renowned for its turbulent past from the days of the Vietnam War, today Vietnam offers a fabulous experience with a wealth of contrasting locations, fascinating history and stunning scenery all ideal for a variety of activity and cultural team building events.

Introduction to Team Building in Vietnam

Vietnam FAQs

When is the best time to travel to Vietnam?

Vietnam’s tropical monsoon climate means that the best time to travel differs from each location. Generally the further south you go the more consistent the temperature will remain compared to the coast and the north which experiences vast seasonal change. December to April are the driest months of the year in Ho Chi Minh, March to May experiences the highest temperatures up to 40 degrees Celsius before the monsoon arrives from May to October. Nha Trang and Dan-nang’s weather are fully controlled by the northeast monsoon. The rainy season in Nha Trang begins in November and earlier in Da-nang, from September until February when it’s best for indoor team building and corporate seminars. February to May provide the most comfortable temperatures the best time for outdoor beach team building with the hottest weather from June to August. Hanoi experiences four seasons throughout the year with spring from February to April and autumn from September to November offer the most pleasant conditions, the least rainfall and are ideal for outdoor team building. With summer bringing hot temperatures and heavy rains in-between and the cold winter season of December, spring and autumn are definitely the best times to travel to the north.

What are the flight connections to Vietnam?

Vietnam is extremely well connected with many direct flights from throughout Asia and beyond to Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi the country’s two main hubs. Vietnam Airlines provides the most direct services from Asian cities as well as an extensive domestic network of connecting flights. The cities of Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur have multiple daily direct flights with both national carriers and budget airlines. China, Japan, Taiwan and South Korea also have regular flights. The accessibility and short to mid-flight times make Vietnam a very affordable corporate group destination. Budget Airlines offer superb deals for group bookings. Nok Air flights from Bangkok start from only 1050 baht. Seats on Air Asia flights from Kuala Lumpur are available from 253 ringgits and Tiger Airways from Singapore has superb fares and you can fly to Ho chi Minh city from as low as SG$64 Singapore Dollars for midweek travel.

What is unique about Vietnam?

Vietnam is home to whole host of man-made and natural unique features none more so than those dating back to the turbulent times of the Vietnam War. One of the most well-known is the underground network of catacombs in the Cu Chi district of Ho Chi Minh city used by the North Vietnamese Viet Cong resistance, the tunnels served as operations bases and protection from the American occupiers during the war. The tunnels and their occupants survived many attacks in the area known as the iron triangle before the Americans eventually found a way through by carpet bombing with tunnels collapsing or being exposed however it was too late to save the US who withdrew in 1972 and South Vietnam collapsed in 1975 when the North finally claimed the south and established communist rule. Today, two of the tunnels Ben Dinh and Ben Duoc have been preserved as war memorials and visitors can experience walking through the cramped conditions as well as the command center and shooting range. Home to dense jungle, this area is perfect for an outdoor adventure team building program based on the life of the Viet Cong!

What are your most recommended team building events in Vietnam?

Vietnam’s history, culture locations and lifestyle is perfect for a whole host of team building programs. Ho Chi Minh and Hanoi are ideal for our City Cultural Discovery with an abundance of cryptic clue locations to unravel. The team that visits the most places, obtains correct answers and achieves the highest score wins the event. Danang and Nha-Trang are best suited to outdoor with fun and Survivor style beach based events where teams are set objectives based tasks designed for them to improve on a variety of skills. The amazing countryside, dense jungles and stunning mountainous regions especially in the north offer a true Jungle Adventure experience for Jungle Survival or adventure activity based programs. Our latest development is the Shine with Line program in Ho Chi Minh City, a meaningful CSR scavenger hunt. With quality incentive group accommodation in all locations, indoor corporate learning seminars and team building programs are possible throughout the year.

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