Laos is a country full of mystery which is just waiting to be explored by corporate incentive groups considering a new destination for team building events. This landlocked country part of the Indochina region shares its borders with the neighbouring countries of Cambodia, China, Myanmar Vietnam and Thailand to the south making it very accessible from these locations.


Laos is approximately the size of Great Britain, it is sparsely populated, and home to around 6.5 million inhabitants. This largely rural country has remained relatively untouched by mass market tourism, establishing a reputation as a new MICE destination particularly suited to smaller corporate groups.

Introduction to Team Building in Laos

Laos FAQs

When is the the best time to travel to Laos?

The best time to travel to Laos for outdoor team building and dry weather is from November to January when the temperatures are warm in day but cool in the evenings. The highest temperatures are experienced from February until April, gradually increasing upwards and sometimes exceeding 35 degrees Celsius in April. From May to September expect heavy showers during the monsoon season, the ideal time for indoor team building or corporate training programs with hotel rates at their lowest. Generally the climate is warmer in the lowlands in the South and the further north you travel towards the highlands the cooler it becomes however the average temperature during the rainy season is around 29 degrees Celsius, dropping to pleasant 23 Degrees on higher ground.

What are the flight connections to Laos?

Laos’s two main cities, Vientiane and Luang Prabang are served by daily direct flight connections from most neighbouring countries with Bangkok offering the most choice for direct International flights. Direct flights are operated by Laos Airlines, Thai Airways and Bangkok Airways just over 1 hour’s flight time away from Bangkok . Laos’s airlines is the main international carrier and has a direct flights from Singapore three times a week to Vientiane, daily services from Hanoi to both cities and Vietnam air offers connections via Siem Riep in Cambodia. For corporate companies from Malaysia, Air Asia has a direct three times a week service from Kuala Lumpur to Vientiane with one way airfares from an affordable 199 Ringgits. Low cost carriers from Bangkok also offer cheaper alternatives with a daily flight to Luang Prabang by Air Asia and Nok Air’s has fly and ride options to both Vientiane and Pakse.

What is unique about Laos?

Laos is blessed with so many attractions from pre Angkor temples to beautiful French colonial buildings, the legendary Mekong River and rural countryside, all worth a visit however, it is the the UNESCO world heritage site of Luang Prabang which stands out in this fascinating country.
Luang Prabang was the first capital of the Lao kingdom, called Lan Xang meaning the land of the elephants, it was home to the Laotian Royal family from 1353 until the revolution in 1975 which brought the end of the monarchy.
During its golden era the city received its present day name Pra Bang from a Buddha image brought to the city by King Visoun which is housed in the Royal Palace Museum.
The city survived being attacked by the Chinese Haw in 1887 and allowed the French colonialists to protect the city leading to wonderful colonial buildings being built.
After the revolution took place there was a lot of poverty before the country opened up to tourism in 1989 when the wonderful Laotian style wood houses and colonial mansions were brought back to their original glory and now offer perfect locations for corporate accommodation ,dining and spots for our amazing city chase event.

What are your most recommended team building events in Laos?

Laos offers an abundance of challenging team building events in a variety of wonderful locations. Vientiane is ideal for our City Cultural Discovery with an abundance of cryptic clue locations to unravel. The team that visits the most places, obtains correct answers and achieves the highest score wins the event.
Luang Phabang is perfect to experience local lifestyle in our Amazing chase race against the clock. Teams will be challenged to complete cultural and activity challenges relating to local life. The team that performs the most effectively, efficiently and reaches the finish line first will be the winners.
For teams looking for an outdoor adventure challenge the Mekong River is the perfect location for a water based rafting challenge and survivor style jungle adventure particularly in the Pakse region amongst the coffee plantations and waterfalls around the Bolaven Plateaux.

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