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Camp Building

In this fun and exciting outdoor team building activity, teams show their creativity and building skills to build a camp from natural resources.


In camp building, teams are provided with natural material such as bamboo, straw roof panels, machete, rope and many more to build a camp for their team.


First, participants discuss their design, make a sketch, then implement their ideas with manual labor.


The process of building a shelter is socializing in nature, and often participants are astonished to learn about each others skills and expertise.


Building a shelter is just one of many activities in the theme event "Building your Team Identity" which is one of the main activities of the "2 days / 1 night Survivor Event with overnight in tents".


Other activities that are part of the Building your Team Identity are "Face Painting", "Team Chant", "T-shirt Painting" and "Flag Painting."

Camp Building

  • The objective is to build the best shelter with available resources. The following skill sets are discussed in the debriefing: Planning, Creativity, Decision Making and Teamwork. It is usually the case that the team with the best camp is awarded with a prize.

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