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Team Building with DISC

A fun and engaging team building workshop and introduction to the concept of behavioral analysis.


DISC is a psychometric assessment tool to measure a person’s tendencies or pattern of behavior.


The DISC model discusses four reference points of behavior, Dominance, Influence, Steadiness and Conscientiousness.


DISC can be used as a hiring tool, to ensure new hires are well integrating into the team, and to avoid unnecessary clashes and conflicts. 


DISC is a personal development tool and helps individuals to understand themselves, learn strategies to improve interactions with others and achieve higher workplace satisfaction as a result.


Prior to the course, participants will be filling out a DISC questionnaire, which will be analyzed and results will be put on  badges for the participants to wear during the workshop. 


The course focus lies on how to work better in teams using DISC profiles and how to become a better leader by understanding your behavioral profiles. 


The first half of the course is designed understanding DISC profiles and its significance in the workplace. It includes videos, exercises, and group discussions. 


The second part of the course participants will learn how to build a team using DISC, which includes activity-based learning and team building.


DISC can be used to develop powerful and individual motivational strategies. Individuals with a high D profile are motivated by other factors than individuals with a high S profile.


DISC has been proven to be the most effective team building tool. In this workshop, DISC is used to understand each individual’s behavioral pattern and to build a team from using the profiling system.

Team Building with DISC

  • After the workshop, participants will be able to compare and contrast different DISC profiles, appreciate each others behavioral tendencies and to draw strategies to overcome conflict in the workplace.

    The learning objective is to create a powerful team, whose members trust each other and who can overcome challenges in the workplace fast and efficiently. 

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