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Phnom Krom Eco Survivor

Get off the beaten track and challenge your team in our Eco Survival experience


Participants survival skills are put to the test in this fantastic outdoor ECO team building adventure at Phnom Krom Eco village. All tasks focus on using recycled materials and are environmentally friendly and teams are set tasks to create, make items preparing them for the final team rafting challenge.


The event begins with teams creating their camp, team identity and flags. Next they compete In survival challenges to make life vests and fish cages, before the final team challenge which is to build a raft from bamboo  then set sail on the lake to fish for their team's meal.


The winning team for each challenge receives rewards such as extra food, tools, equipment which they can use for the rafting and the final outdoor cooking challenge, to make lunch for their team on an outdoor fire! The team which combines the best, uses team work and natural instinct during the challenges wins out Phnom Kro Survivor event. 

Phnom Krom Eco Survivor

  • Dieses Adventure Teambuilding Event ist für kleine und mittlere Gruppen von 20 bis 60 Teilnehmern geeignet

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