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Lego Prego

Participants use creativity to make a structure from giant lego blocks


In Lego prego, the facilitator has various pre-created objects (models) made of legos, some simple, some more difficult and some quite hard to build. Each team chooses a “leader” who can see the models, but the objects remains hidden from the rest of the team.


The goal of this exercise is for the leader to explain to the team how to replicate the models. This activity helps those learning to delegate communicate via precise and clear language, as well as the use a step-by-step approach to help others understand what is required, which is imperative for all leaders. If this activity is played during a competitive team building event, then the various teams compete against each other and the first team who has successfully replicated the model is the winning team.


This is a fun activity that teaches delegation skills, communication and team work. In an organizational change workshop or leadership training course, once the first (easy) model has been accomplished, the second round will be using a more difficult model, and so on. Changing leaders so that each participant has had the chance to at least once be the leader is important. 

Lego Prego

  • Diese Teambuilding-Aktivität eignet sich für Gruppen aller Größen von 20 bis 200 Teilnehmern

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