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Hua Hin Market Barter team Building Challenge

Explore local Hua Hin markets and put your team bartering skills to the test in this fabulous Hua Hin negotiation game team building challenge.


Teams search the stalls and shops at local Hua Hin markets and souvenier stalls  aiming to barter and buy souvenir items, local snacks and more for the best possible prices.


Teams arrive at the market and receive a list of items in Thai which they need to translate and locate along with a purse with a budget. Their task is to  find the items and buy them for the best prices and return with their shopping bag full of goodies and return any leftover budget.  


Other possible cultural challenges maybe included such as Thai dancing, flower garland making and papaya salad making to spice up the activity and customise your Hua Hin market barter event into a cultural team challenge.

This activity focuses on teamwork, bartering, negotiation skills as is a great way to do souvenir shopping at an authentic locations.

Hua Hin Market Barter team Building Challenge

  • This art and culture team building activity is suitable for all group sizes from 20 to 200 participants.

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