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Hado Augmented Reality Teambuilding in Bangkok

While players are wearing the Hado mask and sensors, they battle opposing teams in a completely new augmented reality game experience. Spectators can watch the spectacle on large screen and cheer and jubilate the winning team. 


HADO is the first non-sedentary E-sport using Augmented Reality (AR) technology to promote Exergaming (Exercise+Gaming) and team building. Just like in real-life sports, players don't need to be connected by cables and restricted to being in front of a screen. There's physical movement involved in this alternative lifestyle team sports. It can also be referred to as AR Dodgeball.


The game consists of a two modes, the beginner mode and the advance mode. The beginner mode will consist of energy balls and shields, the players will have to dodge the balls thrown by opponents and collaborate to activate shields for defense while firing energy balls, each player will get only 3 shields. The team that can manage to score the highest points will win the game.


The advance mode will be like beginner but with additional customizations. For example, the objective of the  advanced mode is to drain the opposing team of “lives” using digital “bullets.” Players are offered a variety of customizations before their match, allowing them to alter their bullet size, charge speed, and shield thickness to their preferred levels.

Hado Augmented Reality Teambuilding in Bangkok

  • 13:30 Verlassen Sie Ihr Bangkok Hotel.
    14:00 Teams treffen im Kaufhaus Hado SHOW DC ein. Einführung und Einweisung in die Ausrüstung.
    14:15 Teilen Sie die Delegierten in Teams auf und verteilen Sie Bandanas und / oder Trikots.
    14:30 Das Spiel beginnt mit einem voreingestellten Spielplan. Jedes Spiel dauert 80 Sekunden. Round Robin.
    16:00 Halbfinale.
    16:15 Endgültige Best of Three.
    16:30 Preisverleihung und Fotoshooting.
    16:45 Rückkehr ins Hotel.
    17:15 Ankunft im Bangkok Hotel.
    (Bitte beachten Sie, dass die Ausrüstung und Spiele auch im Hotelkonferenzraum in ganz Thailand aufgestellt werden können, sofern der Platz groß ist.)

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