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Quest mit Lebensfreude

An exhilarating team building race around Bangkok's most thrilling adventure parks.


Imagine being in the most exciting city in the world and have the choice between a boring team meeting and an exhilarating and adrenaline indulging adventure race.

Which one would you choose?  In quest with zest, your workforce is split into groups and each team must complete four Bangkok’s most thrilling adventure challenges.


  • Laser game
  • Go-karting
  • Mountain biking
  • Wake boarding


Participants are split into teams and each team competes in four challenges around the city.


Travel is by coach and all teams travel together from one location to the next.

Quest mit Lebensfreude

    • 08:30  Meet in meeting room. Ice breaker activity.
    • 08:45  Strategy meeting by each team.
    • 09:00 Depart by coach to 1st challenge location – Go-karting.
    • 09:30  Up to 6 teams compete on the go-karting track at the same time. Team members rotate.
    • 10:15 Teams travel to 2nd location.
    • 11:00 Three teams compete at the same time while team members rotate, the other teams wait and cheer.
    • 12:00 Lunch at Peppermint park.
    • 13:00 Depart to 3rd challenge location.
    • 14:00 Wake boarding (surfing) competition. Two teams compete at the same time. All other teams cheer.
    • 15:00 Depart to 4th challenge location.
    • 15:30 Laser games. Up to 4 teams compete at the same time. 
    • 16:15 Return to hotel.
    • 16:45 Debriefing. Announce winning team. Award ceremony.
    • 17:00 End of event.

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