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Team building with Thai Table Decoration

Be creative and make a unique Thai team table decoration.


Teams are set the task of creating their very own Thai table decoration. They have two hours to search local market stalls and souvenir shops, buy items from a pre set budget, create their concept and design and then put it all together in the meeting room, preparing their team table for presentation to our judges.


Teams receive the event brief, a map of the city and a list of shopping locations. They choose 1 location, visit and buy their items before returning to the meeting room to make their Team Thai table decoration.


This activity can be designed to include a company message, vision or mission in the design and is great for a short activity for companies with limited time for team building.

Team building with Thai Table Decoration

  • This art and culture team building activity is suitable for all group sizes from 20 to 100 participants

The product name is the name of the event, in bold above the download button.

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